Rich & Momma Casey AKA El Gato and American Pork Chop - Black Belt Rescue Ninjas - Special Counsel to Bo and Melissa

We like to think of Rich and Momma Casey as PPDR's Strategic Swiss Army Knife. They are stealthy these two. You never know where they are going to pop up and you never know what they will be working on for the rescue. They report directly to Momma Melissa and Poppa Bo and provide project advice and input on things like website development, strategic partnerships, content editing, apparel design and development, E-Commerce, fundraising, legal, public relations, and marketing matters. But most of all... they are masters at avoiding any attempt by Bo or Melissa to get them to help settle a difference of opinion between Bo and Melissa.

Rich became interested in rescue in 2009 when his friend Autumn (Momma Casey's Mom) introduced him to her first rescue dog Athena. Autumn left Athena with Rich while she traveled to China and when she returned the two of them were joined at the hip. In 2012 Rich and Autumn got in touch with PPDR about a special dog we had in rescue in Alabama. After a few months of talk Momma Casey made her final trip home to Boston where she spent her first two years. She now lives with her mom and pop in their new home of Austin, Texas.

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